Check out the highlights from our London event


See it to be it

Learn from a Pan-European community sharing experiences of struggle and success. You’ll gain confidence in all senses – helping you to get that promotion, or to ask for that pay rise. Flourish with new found inspiration, energy and insight.


Challenge current industry norms

Get involved with thought-provoking discussions tackling sexism and prejudice in the construction industry. Learn how to challenge, update and constantly review organizational practices that negate women. It’s not only men under the hard hats.


Join a diverse engaged community

Lose your feeling of isolation, share your problems and learn the power of strength in numbers. Join a vibrant community of like-minded people working across all parts of the construction ecosystem.


Boost your career

Take part in interactive workshops helping you to become a leader, a mentor, or to ask for that contract review you’ve been wanting! Learn from inspiring individuals and company initiatives about how to reach your goals.


New structures = new possibilities

Discover visionary business strategies for improving diversity, effectively tackling the gender pay gap and the benefits of flexible employment options for everyone.